"From San Quentin to Harvard sharing his message and Healing through

Music & Arts"

Inspirational Artist & Community Activist

As Seen on Netflix, HBO, Disney & More

"Louii released more music in one year than any artist of our time, performing sold out shows at venues including Madison Square Garden and composing music for soundtracks such as Star Wars &

Planet of the Apes; all without a record label, agent or investor"

The Power of Music & Art on the Heart

Spoken & Performed Around the Globe
Reached through Music & Art

Louis King is an International Touring Hip-Hop Artist, Music Producer & Educator. His highly anticipated 2020 release “De LA West Los” was labeled the “Sound of West LA”. Louis has toured in over 20 countries with artists such as the Outlawz, Earl Sweatshirt, Anderson .Paak + More.

Check out this video about our curriculum from TWBA Backslash

Check Out this video from our AIM School Assemblies Tour

While he continues working on his art, he’s committed to facilitating workshops, assemblies & concerts in schools, prisons & community centers with Leila Steinberg and aim4theheart.org. As an Educator, Louis has spoken at universities such as Harvard, Princeton & USC. He will be presenting his TedxTalk “The Power of Music & Art on the Heart” at San Diego State University in the fall of 2020.

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