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"From San Quentin to Harvard sharing his message and teaching Emotional Literacy through Music & Arts"

Inspirational Artist & Community Activist

As Seen on Netflix, HBO, Disney & More

Louis will educate students on how to develop the skills necessary to heal our diverse communities emotionally while uniting them around shared core values and experiences.

Emotional Literacy is the ability to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups

Through the process of heArt education we help youth examine their purpose and relevance in life. 

We believe that the most powerful way to positively impact the minds of youth is to first reach them via the heArt, with art being the most effective tool. 

"He released more music in one year than any artist of all time, performing sold out shows at venues including Madison Square Garden and composing music for soundtracks such as Star Wars &

Planet of the Apes; all without a record label, agent or investor"

20+ Countries

10+ Years


Spoken & Performed Around the Globe
Reached through Music & Art

Louis has toured in over 20 countries with artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Anderson Paak, Thundercat, Erykah Badu, The Outlawz and Solange. In 2018 alone, he released over 156 songs in a campaign known as the Beautiful Grind Collection

Check Out this video from our AIM School Assemblies Tour

Check out this video about our curriculum from TWBA Backslash

While he continues working on his art, he also contributes through performing and facilitating workshops in Schools, Universities and in prisons such as San Quentin with the organization AIM4THEHEART.org.

AIM was founded by Leila Steinberg who first discovered Tupac Shakur.

Surrounded and influenced by greatness, this multi-talented artist with an amazing work ethic has an incredibly empowering story that will inspire the next generation of innovators to trust and believe in their own voice.

In a time of Social Turmoil, our youth are faced with obstacles everyday in the form of Mental Health, Drug Abuse, Poverty/Unemployment and Systemic Hate/Injustice & Prejudice. We're living in one of the most important times for Artists & Creatives to band together to empower and share our voices and opinions around the world. Art is our outlet for trauma and the more comfortable we are at sharing and listening, the more effective  we can be at healing ourselves and impacting others.